LetterMark LITE FAQ

Please see our pricing page for more details.

Yes. You will have a unique license key that can be used on multiple devices.

We now have multiple clients for LetterMark email branding product. Below is the list of clients with some guideline where they can be used. You can also bookmark your templates, or copy and paste them into any email clients signature file.

For complete functionality you will need to download one or more of these products which are all included in your subscription.

  1. LetterMark Outlook Client: It is used when user want to use LetterMark templates in Microsoft Outlook (e.g. 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007,2003) as their mail client in Windows (Windows 7 and 10) environment. This also offers encryption of attachment using CryptoLock directly inside Microsoft outlook.
  2. LetterMark Web Plus: It is used when user want to use LetterMark templates in webmail (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail) or any other mail/reach text editor in windows environment.
  3. LetterMark Go Mobile: It is used when user want to use LetterMark templates in iPhone/iPad Email or Text message on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The LetterMark client software on the user’s machine adds light html “instructions” to call a specified template from the LetterMark Data Center. The templates and user contact information do not travel with the email, but are called from the data center when the recipient opens the email.

Your email is not intercepted, re-routed or interfered with in any way on its path from source to destination.

You can cancel anytime during the 10 day free trial

Yes. Lettermark LITE has copy paste functionality and an easy to use interface to copy your template and paste in any windows application you choose.

  • Now that you have downloaded your LetterMark Software you now can start implementing LetterMark LITE templates on your email in Outlook.
  • LetterMark LITE also offers the flexibility to copy/paste your LetterMark LITE templates into any web-based email applications.
  • Once you login to your LetterMark portal by clicking on the My Account tab on the top right of the screen, you now have access to your templates.
  • Once you are logged in, to view your templates click the tab that says templates, which is the tab that is one tab away from users, which is the farthest tab on the left.
  • You will then be brought to a screen where all of your templates are listed.
  • Choose which template you would like to copy, and under the action column click on the icon next the eye, the icon that you are clicking on will say copy template for webmail when you hover over it with your mouse.
  • When you click on the icon it will bring you to another tab and at the top of the page there will be a button that says copy template for you to click on.
  • Once you have copied your chosen template you can copy the template into your web email signature file using the paste function on your computer.

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